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Our Mission

To Empower South Florida’s underserved communities through youth, real estate, and economic development

Our History

After being drafted in the 6th Round by the Chicago Bears in 2011, JT3 understood his platform in the NFL and began providing opportunities to assist those in need. He would first make headlines returning to his college town of Morgantown, West Virginia to accompany Joselyn Levell, an 8th grade student with Spina Bifida, to her school dance. JT3’s younger brother Jared Thomas, then a classmate of Levell, was diagnosed with autism at the early age of 3 and played a major role in his early philanthropic efforts and passion for neuro.

In 2012, he would go on to form a non-profit organization to facilitate his contributions off the field in The JT Thomas Foundation. Upon the inception of his foundation, the first project taken on was to increase the awareness of adolescent Epilepsy. JT3 made public headlines once again when he surprised 14-year-old Anthony Grandberry, who suffered with epilepsy, with a ticket and a trip to Super Bowl XLVI after completing a 1,395 Mile road trip from Fort Lauderdale, Fl to Chicago, IL supporting the fight against the neurological disorder. 

JT3’s 5th and most transformational year as a professional also gave birth to the anchor of JTTF’s programs and events schedule in, JT3’s Legends Youth Football Camp(Hyperlink to eventbrite). Covering the fundamentals of safe play and providing a unique positive football experience are the overarching goals and purpose for its existence. 

Currently JT3 and JTTF are laying the foundation for perpetual giving, building our board to amplify our efforts, and  redeveloping underserved communities in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale, FL. His aspirational philanthropy goals include building a platform for affordable private education and finding a cure for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy(CTE).

Programs & Events

Our programs and events cater to our family of well deserving student-athletes who show exceptional conduct in the classroom and unparalleled relentlessness on the field in the midst of adversity. We will continue to develop our platform with our future leaders in mind. 


The JTTF college tour is an annual collaboration between the JT Thomas III Foundation and the Team Tate Family. The college tour offers South Florida high school student athletes the opportunity to visit colleges and be evaluated and compete in front of Division 1, 2, and 3 college coaches. The tour is founded and managed by Tyler Tate, a fellow native of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, graduate of Jackson State University, and life-long friend of JT3. JTTF and  The Team Tate Family, acknowledges the importance of this experience to allow student-athletes, a first experience for many, to walk on a college campus. Together, both organizations have contributed over 25 years of mentorship and youth development to the City of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County.


The Faith Scholarship is an opportunity for high school students to earn a need based scholarship up to $10,000 toward their pursuit of higher education. Criteria for the scholarship includes an essay, 25 community service hours served with the foundation, and a grade point average of 2.5 or higher.



JT3’s Legends YFC is our FREE annual football camp for ages 5-15 hosted by JT Thomas III at Joseph C. Carter Park in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Our guests include JT3’s current and former NFL friends, community leaders, and the best of South Florida’s youth and high-school student-athletes. The kids are coached on the fundamentals of safe play and making smart decisions on and off the field. 


To develop innovative programs that promote and reinforce conscious decision making.

To provide experiences, opportunities, and resources that shift paradigms and support growth for all members of our organization

To create change within our local environments through community service and organization of inclusive fundraising efforts.

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